Monday, August 25, 2014

National Encourage an Author Week!

Okay,  I confess: There's no such thing as National Encourage an Author Week. However, over the past weekend I received such an uplifting note from a reader that the thought struck me, "All authors should get such encouraging fan mail."

Here is what that reader sent me. You'll understand why it made my day:

Rick, I don't know if you remember me, but I met and talked with you at the Cincinnati homeschool convention in 2013. You sold me a copy of your book, Gunners Run. I read it today on my plane flight to Atlanta. What a great story! From a fellow historian, and guy who likes the Air Force, this was a good story. I work at Wright Patterson Air Force Base; we talked about the museum there for a while.

I am going to give the book to a coworker here in Atlanta who has two teenage sons. They love all things Air Force and history, and I am guessing they also will like the book. I just wanted to tell you thanks again and that I thought you did a good job. Kind regards, ____________ .

Of course, devoted readers love good books. They talk about stories they enjoy. They recommend some titles to friends. Perhaps they mention them on sites such as But how often does the average reader taken time to Google an author's name, find that person's email or website, and then leave a positive comment or two? Probably not often--which is a shame, since writing any book demands countless hours of toiling alone at a keyboard. 

So, why not encourage an author this week? Even a simple note can uplift a writer struggling with a plot twist or sheer loneliness. One rule, though: Do not send your note to me. I've already received my uplift for this week. Choose another author whose work you enjoyed and let him or her know. I guarantee you will be an encouragement!


  1. What huge Blessing and form of encouragment.

    1. Yes, it was. Although certainly not the only fan mail I've received, but a particularly encouraging note, to be sure. Thanks for stopping!