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A Novel of World War II:
Gunner's Run

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Welcome to 1943. Young and confident Jim Yoder has decided that he's going to be the master of his own fate. So he leaves home and enlists in the Army Air Force, where he becomes a gunner on a B-24 bomber in England. But when unexpected events strand Yoder alone, on the ground, and behind enemy lines, he realizes he has a choice: either allow himself to be captured, or set his sights on England and make a run for it. Gunner’s Run is two journeys in one: a physical journey as struggles to travel across Europe without getting killed or captured, and a spiritual journey as he finally learns to trust in God.

Can Jim make it back to England before his pursuers catch or kill him? And will Margo, the girl he left back home, wait for him, or will she conclude he's dead and marry another? Join Jim Yoder on this unexpected adventure, where it's sometimes difficult to tell friend from foe.

215 pages, paperback  
ISBN# 978-1-59166-761-2                    
Price: $9.99

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What readers say about Gunner's Run...

  “Gunner’s Run is an authentic history-based story. It will 
  bring back a lot of memories to veterans. It is a must read
  for WW II buffs.”

   Ralph E. Parks,
       Former B-24 pilot, 15th Air Force, 484th Bomb, Group, 824th Squadron

  “This book has captured my interest beyond belief, and I am 
  so into Gunner’s Run that I can hardly put it down.”

     Judi Crowe

  “Gunner’s Run is a historical, fictional mix of suspense,
  humor, romance, and simple faith in God, done with home-town
  and girl-next-door flavor…. Rick Barry’s creatively crafted
  word pictures drew me into the story and I was hooked!”

     Juanita Rassi

A fantasy for Young Adults...

Kiriath's Quest

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When King Jekoniah of Xandria is kidnapped by evil Grishnaki, the royal family searches for a way to save him. The ransom demanded by the Grishnaki is impossible, and an outright war on the Grishnaki would end in disaster—so Prince Kiriath resolves to undertake a secret mission into the Grishnaki's valley.

Strange creatures,
roaming bands of Grishnaki, and a stretch of desolate land called the Deserted Kingdom pose unexpected dangers. As the ransom deadline approaches, Kiriath fears that he might not reach his father in time.

Price: $9.99
Publisher: JourneyForth Books
ISBN: 978-1591669050

To order: Ask for Kiriath's Quest at your local bookstore, or order from its site at

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